Universty of Michigan - Dearborn School Projects

Computer Networks, CIS 527

The goal of the class is to study the technical and management aspects of computer networks and distributed systems. The topics include: communication hardware, communication protocols, network architecture, local area networks, distributed database systems.

Chat Room Program

The first part of a client server chat room program is written in Java. The program uses sockets to send chat messages back and forth between the client and the server. The program only allows a single connection to the server.

Chat program requirements for first part of the program: requirements 1
Chat program part1: Client Server Chat Program

The second part of the chat program extends the original program. Multiple Java threads are used, so that multiple clients can be logged into the server. As a result, users can send each others instant messages.

Chat program requirements for second part of the program: requirements 2
Chat program part2: Multi-threaded Client Server Chat Program