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Object Oriented Computing, CIS 550

This course covers major concepts involved in OO programming, including inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and patterns in C# and Java. Standalone objects, distributed objects and object in web-services are the major topics covered, including SOAP, WSDL, and JAX-RPC.

Programming Assignments

Assignment 1 is to use some of the basic concepts of object oriented programming and design a class hierarchy for university directory program.

Assignment 1 requirements
Assignment 1

Assignment 2 is to create a program for a university directory service.

Assignment 2 requirements
University directory class diagram
Assignment 2 write up
Assignment 2 source code

Assignment 3 uses Java RMI to add the people created in assignments 2, to a remote list.
Assignment 3 requirements
Assignment 3 source code
Assignment 3 design decisions

Assignment 4 uses XML and web services.

Assignment 4 part 1 requirements
Assignment 4 source code for part 1
Assignment 4 part 2 requirements
Assignment 4 source code for part 2

Documentation for programs: CIS550 JavaDoc