Universty of Michigan - Dearborn School Projects

Masters Project, CIS 695

To graduate, either a Master's project or thesis is required by the school of computer science. If a student decides to do a project there are two types of projects that can be done. First, project can be a software engineering project where a piece of software is created and software engineering methodologies are followed. Second, a research project can be done in which the student researches an open issue in computer science.

I chose to do a research project in vehicular ad hoc networks.

Initial Research

An Introduction to Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Media Access Control
Initial survey of VANET Literature
Evaluation of VANET Papers
Proposal for Master's Project

VANET 2006 Poster

VANET Poster
VANET 2006 Conference Presentation

Project Paper

Final VANET project paper
Final VANET project presentation
VANET Presentation for Research Group

VANET Book Chapter

Rough draft of a chapter that my advisor and I submitted for a book on mobile ad hoc networks on the topic of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Dedicated Short-Range Communication.

NS-2 Simulation Scripts

A perl script to analyze an ns-2 trace file to determine the broadcast reception
A perl script to analyze an ns-2 trace file to determine the access time of the 802.11 MAC layer.
A perl script to generate random broadcast traffic for ns-2.
A perl script to create a map file of a circular road similar to simulation.png, that is read by USC mobility generator to create a mobility file for an ns-2 simulation.
A tcl script for an ns-2 wireless simulation, that uses a single broadcast traffic class.
A perl script to run multiple ns-2 simulations that varies the number of mobile nodes in the simulation.
A perl script to run multiple ns-2 simulations varying the CW size.