Universty of Michigan - Dearborn School Projects

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, CIS 350

Representation and transformation of information, interrelation between data structures and program structures. Topics include lists, arrays, trees and graphs, storage allocation, symbol tables, and algorithm analysis in regard to searching and sorting techniques.

Programming Assignments

BCS Ranking program that ranks the top six teams.
Program 1: requirements
Program 1: ranking program source code
Program 1: documentation

Twenty question game that uses a binary tree to store questions.
Program 2: requirements
Program 2: 20 question game source code
Program 2: documentation
Program 2: zip file

A program that determines the minimum cut of a graph.
Program 3: requirements
Program 3: minimum cut source code

A program that uses the minimum spanning tree algorithm.
Program 4: requirements
Program 4: minimum spanning tree source code
Program 4: documentation