Universty of Michigan - Dearborn School Projects

Advance Operating Systems, CIS 578

The class included advanced techniques used in operating system design, distributed operating systems, message-based operating systems, operating systems for parallel architectures, layered techniques in operating systems, formal models of operating systems, and current trends in operating system design.

Papers and Presentations

Paper and presentation on Jini billable leases:
Review of the paper Pay as You Go: Providing Billable Jini Leases.
Presentation on Pay as You Go: Providing Billable Jini Leases.


Homework 1 answers questions about various distributed algorithms.

Term Project

The advanced operating systems class had a term project of designing and implementing a middlleware similar to RMI or CORBA.

Term project requirements: middleware project
Write up on the middleware implementation: middleware project report
Source code for the project: middleware source code
Documentation: JavaDoc for middleware classes